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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Paralympics poem

Hello everyone!   Did you watch the Paralympic closing ceremony? Do you remember the poem that was read out by Ellie Simmonds, Oscar Pistorius and others? I thought it was great and I'd love to know what you think of it.   

Sheila Fleming  

They say only dreams can save us,
emerging from the bowels of historic venues
every athlete was held in the eye
of this dream’s storm.
For a moment at least.
The 2012 version of a four-yearly
collision of nations, sports and abilities
was to be the games to end all games.
But in a year when the world was to end
a games was reborn in the country of its birth – the Paralympic games.
Excitement raged throughout,
as an electric current ran constantly,
lighting all athletes plugged into it.
The roars.
Could be heard for miles
fearsome, hard and united,
they would erupt sporadically
like volcanoes of noise
from the packed out venues.
For the athletes,
they tingled in fairy-dust atmospheres,
that were impossible to comprehend.
A crowd. And cheers.
Will I ever feel like this again?
When the paralympic mist descends
worlds can end, 4 years work
gone in a second.
Anyone can fail,
anyone can prevail.
Records tumbled and medals fumbled
into pockets and bags
going to their proud new homes.
Once more
the boundaries to what is perceived possible
were pushed out a little further.
People watched. Oh yes did they watch.
Millions were challenged in ways they never have before
and they liked it.
We are limited only by our imaginations
and the Paralympic games is a playground
for the imagination.
Heroes give people hope
a whole new generation has new heroes
and new hope.
Life can be cruel, life can be harsh
life is not perfect,
but there is always a way when the will is strong.
London was the backdrop
but the athletes took centre stage.
The superhumans.
Now they head west
seeking new boundaries to break.
The dream is real
and it is alive.

copyright Stephen Miller 2012

Thursday, 26 July 2012

BTEC L3 Vocational Diploma - Our busy year in business


 “The tombola was good because it entertained people during break. We did it to raise money for celebrating the end of the college year.” Laura W & Ruth

RAF Cosford

We raised money for the trip by doing a cake sale – wearing our pyjamas! “I liked this trip because it gave other people an opportunity to go on a plane” (Laura B)
It had good access and was wheelchair friendly. There were rides such as an aeroplane simulator – it was great fun.  
 “I really liked the tour guides they were very kind” (Tor)

Weston Super Mare

“It was nice to be by a horse” Lewis
We went to Weston Super Mare on Monday 18th June and really enjoyed it when we walked on the beach and saw donkeys and the horses. We walked on the grand pier and ate sausage and chips, followed by ice cream. “Even the sun shined for us” (Jamie).
We also went and had a great time at the Sea life Centre. We saw stingrays, different types of fish and sharks. “I’d never been to the sea before, shame it was such a long way away Ha Ha” (Azeem)

“RAF Cosford was a really interesting place to visit
 and the gift shop was amazing” Sarah
Pyjama Day Cake Sale

On 21st November we had a pyjama day cake sale to raise money for a day trip to RAF Cosford. We had fun doing the cake sale and we had a fantastic day out with the lovely Julie Norman. We had a great experience and we would like to go RAF Cosford again. 
“RAF Cosford was a really great place to explore. We loved it” Hayley

Fairtrade Brunch

We did Fairtrade on the 27th of May which was the Friday.
I enjoyed pricing the Fairtrade goods up” [Katy]. “I enjoyed working on the till and getting involved with the Fairtrade” [Charley Watts].

Everyone was involved and had an awesome time!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Martin convinces 40 friends to take part in the Coventry Fun Run

STUDENT Martin Berisford has managed to convince up to 40 friends to take part in tomorrow’s Coventry Fun Run.The 18-year-old had to resort to bribery in his attempt to recruit team members for the event but said everyone is excited about the race. 

Martin, a business and ICT student at Hereward College, will be raising money for Mencap, which supports people with learning difficulties, and the college’s own charity.He said: “I try to do the Fun Run every year for different charities. I’ve done it four times and this year I thought I’d do something for the college charity, to give something back. 

“It was part of my business unit in project management to try and organise a group to take part. At first it was just going to be the business department but then I started asking more people.

“It’s been quite hard to convince so many people but I got in contact with local businesses and they donated items I could use to bribe people! I’m doing the run in a morphsuit which I’m decorating with Union Jacks to celebrate the Jubilee. But I’ve told the others fancy dress is optional.”

Martin has had an extra challenge to prepare for this year’s Fun Run after recently dislocating his kneecap.

“My leg’s in a much better condition than it was and I’ve been doing a bit of running to prepare,” he said.

“I’m just hoping it holds up on the day.”

This year’s Fun Run takes place on Sunday and starts in War Memorial Park before continuing about three and a half miles through the surrounding streets. Road closures will be in place.

This article was written and belongs to Coventry Telegraph™ 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Prom Is Coming!

The Hereward Prom will be held on the 23rd of June. This year's event theme will be James Bond. 

Don't miss Stakeout who will be performing live during the event.

Tickets are available at Reception at a cost of £5 each. On the night, tickets will cost £7.

Join this event on Facebook.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Performing Arts Student, Jenna Kearns, close to first EP release!

My name is Jenna, I’m a 21 year old singer songwriter. My favourite singer is Leona Lewis and favourite singer/songwriter is Taylor Swift, I was originally born in Wales but moved to England in 2009 to study performing arts and Music at Hereward College.

I originally started out as a musical theatre performer I attended Burleigh Academy in Wales, this is where my love of singing began, I then started taking weekly singing lessons and did a few musical theatre singing grades, I had a distinction in grade 3. I there only did the occasional performance with my academy.

When moving to Coventry, a local choir came to the college to perform for a Christmas party, I immediately knew singing was what I wanted to do in my life, I spoke to the choir teacher and the following week went to their weekly practice, and became a member of “Soulful Gospel Choir”

In December 2011, I found an advert which was for Newport’s Got talent, a local talent show. So I thought why not, I immediately sent in a recording of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, and before I knew it I was short listed out of thousands, and then was put to the public votes, I then got told I was one of ten Finalists to perform at “Park life 2011”.

Due to the success of the audition and getting through I was asked to do Interviews with a local radio station, “Newport City Radio” the guys and station manager “Ian Lamsdale” were so friendly and welcoming, and enjoyed having me on so much they asked me if I wanted to volunteer on a weekly basis, to help them on air, me being so enthusiastic I agreed.

I performed at Tradegar house on the 25th July 2011, in front of 10,000 people and a team of 4 judges. Two of them being Rhys and Edsy from Newport’s own band Goldie Lookin chain. I Sang Adele – Someone Like you. It was such a nerve racking performance, and especially with my family and close friends being there.

I am currently working on some original material, and looking to release my first EP – Electronic Album, with 4 original songs and dedicated to a special friend I miss so much. I am actively involved in Open Mic Nights every sunday and regular gigs that the Newport City Radio Team ask me to perform at, and hoping to audition for X factor, Open Mic UK and Live and Unsigned with some original material.

 In the future I want to be able to have some Albums out, have been noticed either by a label or just a local Coventry based talent agency. I want to also do some fund-raising music night events in Coventry to raise money for Cancer trust and Great Ormand Street Hospital I love performing and want to be able to help other people through my music and passion.

A few highs of my career so far are, Performing in front of 10,000 people and having the support from family and friends, using my own experiences to write my own songs, singing regularly on Newport City Radio , being in the soprano section of my choir and just doing the thing I enjoy the most, Singing.

 A few lows of my career have been, because of so much singing and performing I have been ill with Tonsilytis a lot, one thing I find a lot is, not being taken seriously because some people only see my chair and don’t bother to acknowledge my talent.

I also find it very crushing not being able to play an instrument because of the range of movement from my disability, but have found some great musicians who are amazing and help me with anything I need.

The main reason I started to take my singing seriously was when my best friend died in 2008, she has been my inspiration for most of my original songs so far, and my first EP is going to be dedicated to her.

 No my disability doesn’t limit what I can achieve, I am my own person with my own goals and dreams, I have the ability, equipment and drive to succeed and am willing to put all my effort into making my career work. Just because I have a chair doesn’t mean I’m less able, ok I can’t play an instrument but so what not every singer can. I am going to make it in the world of music whether I’m popular or my own artist, it’s my happiness that counts.

You can download my tracks for free here:

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

PST Logo Competition Extended!

Following many requests to extend the deadline to create a new logo for the Peer Support Team, we decided that you can use your free time during the holidays to get inspired and hand it in by TUESDAY 24th April at 4.30pm for a chance to win £30 voucher of your choice.
Don't miss it!!!!

Click here for an entry form and further information