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Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Ghost in the Water by Frankie Pittaway

I am a ghost.
Shrouded by water,
And invisible to the naked eye.
I swim through the lakes with my many aqua friends.
I swim and I swim and I see with my crystal eyes.
Cold, empty but yet full of empathy.
I am a ghost through the water.
The dark, empty soul, which surrounds the mists of a dead time,
That was lost in the cosmos.
My soul is dead.
My heart no longer beating.
The friends I spoke of before are now lost.
It appears I have contradicted myself.
But yet it is only thing, which enlightens me.
False accusations.
I am the ghost in water,
Indeed I am the ghost in the water you stranger you do not need to tell me.
The soul lost to time,
And forever trapped in the darkness.
Misread signs,
And distorted minds.
I am forever in the dark,
Lost to time itself.
I prowl through the wind,
Like a wraith in the dark.
Cold and hollow,
And damaged inside.
Yes I am the ghost in the water.
The soul lost to time,
Forever in the dark.
And lost to time itself.
The lakes are flowing,
With me inside its waters.
Indeed I am the ghost in the water.
The soul lost to the time.
The prowler through the wind.
The wraith in the dark.
I am the ghost in the water,
And that is a beautiful thing to be.

Frankie Pittaway
Written in the back of a car.

Emotions are far too completed by Danielle Lyons

I scream so loud,
But to them it’s just a whisper.
An outcast from the crowd,
I’m a fly stuck on a window about to be washed off be a car wiper.

Jumping of the walls,
While I’m manic.
They’re no such things as a hurtful falls,
Life is just a sweet picnic.

I’m always too far up,
Hardly ever down.
I’m being to buildup,
I feel invisible never to fall down.

Now I’m crying in my bedroom,
Hoping I’ll be consumed.

By Danielle Lyons

A short History on the life of Henry VIII by Tom Kirby

1491:  Born to Henry VII and Elizabeth of York at Greenwich Palace

1501: Older Brother, Prince Arthur Dies of illness, Henry is now the Prince of Wales
Elizabeth of York also Dies.

1509: Henry VII dies, at the age of 18, Prince Henry becomes King Henry VIII. Marries Katherine of Aragon (Widow of the deceased Prince Arthur)

1515: Princess Mary is born.

1533: Seduced by Anne Boleyn, Henry Divorces Katherine of Aragon, after 20 years of marriage.
Henry breaks from the Roman Chatolic Church
Henry creates the Church of England
Princess Elizabeth is born.

1536: Katherine of Aragon dies.
Anne Boleyn is executed for treason
Henry Marries Jane Seymour.

1537: Prince Edward is born
Jane Seymour dies in birth.

1540: Henry, after 3 years of mourning, tries marriage again, this time to Anne of Cleves.
Anne wasn’t a beauty, and 5 months into the marriage Henry ordered a Divorce.
Henry then Marries Catherine Howard.

1541: Barely a year had passed, and Henry discovered that Catherine had been unfaithful to him, with a string of boyfriends, which started before their marriage.
Catherine was trialed, and sentenced to death by execution.

1543: 6th time lucky?
Henry marries Catherine Parr.

1547: Henry VIII Dies, after an iron fist rule of 37 years upon the English throne.

All 3 of his young children would become Monarchs.

He was succeeded, by his 9 year old son, Edward VI (1547 – 53) then came,
Bloody Mary I (1553 – 58) before his youngest and most famous child.
Elizabeth I (1558 – 1603) 
Elizabeth never married, so was called the Virgin Queen, after 45 years of rule, she died childless in 1603.

Thus ends the era of the Tudors, began in 1485, by Henry VII (Duke of Richmond) and ended with Elizabeth I.

The Stuarts, were the next family to rule Britain.

But that’s another chapter.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Melissa's work experience at Barnardo's

Melissa Holland is a student at Hereward College, BTEC level 1 Business Admin and NVQ level 1 Customer Services. She has been working at Barnardo’s since the middle of October for her external work experience.

Barnardo’s is a charity, which transforms the lives of vulnerable children across the UK through the work of their projects, campaigning and research expertise. They believe they can bring out the best in every child whether the issue is child poverty, sexual exploitation, disability and domestic violence. Melissa was enthusiastic about adhering to this cause and knowing that she does her part in helping the most vulnerable children in society is one of the reasons she loves her job. 

Melissa managed to get the job with the help of Hereward’s Business Facilitator, Ingrid Terry. Ingrid saw an advert in the window 'Volunteers required' at a local charity shop near Hereward College and contacted the manager, who expressed his interest in hiring a student in a customer service placement.  Melissa had shown her interest in 'Customer Service' type work, as she is now on her second year programme and has completed several ' in house' work experience placements.  She was ready to try the 'real world of work'. Ingrid had the following to say about Melissa: ‘Her skill base has progressed from a shy, rather introvert person, who would not talk to customers, to a 'can do' attitude whose customer skills base is excellent.

Melissa’s job responsibilities include decoding and relabeling clothes, assisting the manager in choosing which clothes are going to be displayed in the store, ironing the clothes and displaying them throughout the store so they can be bought. She feels that this is a great starting job, which could be a great starting point for a career in helping the less fortunate. 

In the future, Melissa plans to finish her studies at Hereward College and would love to continue working for Barnardo’s: ‘The staff at Barnardo’s are very kind and helpful when I need it. I also feel that I am doing something that matters and I am helping the people that need most of the help and for these reasons I would love to work for Barnardo’s for as long as possible.’

Monday, 14 November 2011

Life in a day of a Historian by Tom Kirby, student at Hereward College

Last week, Tom Kirby, a student at Hereward College had to do some research regarding the longest reigning rulers of any country. Tom considered that this would be an interesting piece of information for all our readers so he decided to share the information with us.

‘This week I have discovered, through researching European rulers that the longest reigning ruler of any country, currently stands at 82 years 254 days.

Until today I had previously thought the French king Louis XIV of France, had the longest rule at 72 years 110 days, but he is in fact the 11th longest ruler.

The title officially belongs to Sobhuza II of Swaziland, who lived and ruled until 30 years ago, today the country is run by one of Sobhuza’s 210 children.

Sobhuza II of Swaziland  82 years 254 days
Bernhard VII of Lippe   81 years 234 days
Wilhelm IV of Henneburg  78 years 243 days
Heinrich XI of Obergreiz   77 years 103 days
Christian August of Sulzbach  75 years 253 days
Muhoji IV Rao of India      74 years    315 days
 Bhag Sahib of India        74 years 87 days’

We bet you didn't know this! 

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Hereward College organises football event for Primary Schools

On the 29th of November, Hereward College is organising a football tournament for Primary Schools. The tournament will take place on Hereward’s outdoor pitch between 4 pm – 5 pm.

The participating schools are Leigh C of E, Our Lady of Assumption, Charter School, Templars School, Limbrick Wood, Mount Nod School.

The tournament is organised by Entry Level 3 Sports students, who are planning and delivering the event as part of their course.
Throughout the competition the students will be taking the following roles: providing refreshments, referees, coaches, setting up and taking down equipment, leading warm ups, keeping scores and results and preparing and handing out trophies and medals.

For more information on this event contact Jake Cooper or Jamie Banks on and

Click here to view our poster.

Charity Christmas Cards from Hereward College

Students from Hereward Colleg have just designed Charity Christmas Cards! The students had the following to say: 

'We are the Business Level 1 Group, we are fundraising for “Friends of Hereward” and we have Charity Christmas Cards for sale.  The card has been designed by Stephen Prior, one of our students.
Samples of the Printed Christmas Card is now available in the Indigo College Shop for you to review.
Profits from these orders will go into the Friends of Hereward charity pot.
Cards have been professional printed and are reasonably priced at £3.75 per pack for a pack of ten.
We welcome any orders!'

If you would like to order please click here for the application form and e-mail the form to .

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Poem by Tamara Spokes about Hereward College

‘Finding Myself’

Stuck in a classroom,
wanting to get out,
Feeling somewhat alone,
With a touch of doubt.
Fate had been cruel,
No one understood,
I know I didn’t ask for it, 
No student surely would.
But this year has been better, 
It’s gone past without a sin, 
Feeling more optimistic,
Like I’ve let the sunshine in.
College can be tough sometimes, 
Juggling work, feelings and stuff, 
But it can make something out of you, 
If you work hard enough.
Friendships that will last a lifetime, 
Though the rough times and the smooth, 
Eternal memories together,
Strong until the end.
Tamara Spokes
BTEC L2 Music
3rd year  

Monday, 31 October 2011

Hereward College is going for the 'Healthy Eating Award'

Last Thursday, NVQ Business Admin Students from Hereward College organized an event through which they raised awareness about eating healthy and living an overall healthy life. The students interviewed staff and students about how the college can encourage us all to eat our 5 a day, exercise more and reduce or give up smoking.

The event had a great turn-up and thanks to everyone who took the time to come along we managed to gather a lot of great ides which will be passed on to the relevant people and put into practice.

One of the most important issues was giving up or reducing smoking and in order to encourage this we have set up a smoking cessation group, which will take place every Wednesday morning. All students and staff are welcome so please let us know in a comment if you are interested in participating!

Emily, a representative from the George Elliot Hospital, will be running the group along with a nurse from the George Elliot Hospital. Emily attended the ‘Living Healthy’ event and shared advice regarding smoking to students and staff. She informed staff and students about all the unhealthy chemicals and substances present in cigarettes and she checked the nicotine levels from smokers through a specialized device.

We would like to thank all the attendees for participating and helping Hereward College to raise awareness about eating and living healthy!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Interviews with students from Hereward College about Aim Higher

This week, Kyle Wilson, who is a member of a Media Production Team at Hereward College, interviewed 3 students from the Creative and Media Department. Chris, Jenna and AJ shared their impression about a course they are studying called ‘Aim Higher’.

Aim Higher is a new course at Hereward College, which focusses on the transition from College to the University. All of the interviewed students, who have just started the course, thought that it will have a major impact on selecting the degree they want to pursue at the University. Also, all the interviewed students said that they weren’t thinking seriously about going to the University, but now that they started the Aim Higher Course, going to the University has become a big possibility which they will strongly consider once they finish College.
You can hear the interviews in the videos bellow:

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Poem by Danielle Lyons


Heart pounding trying to break though the cage that is your chest,
Door opens to breath a fresh breath.
Words cannot be expressed,
Go though reception and turn left.

Down the corridor I walk,
Heart thumping in my ears.
Students buzzing as they talk,
I now know my own fears.

Turn right at the corridor to room twenty-three,
Standing outside the classroom.
Knowing this is a fresh start for me,
With the college creating a brand new tune.

I feel so small,
Next to the early autumn fall.
By Danielle Lyons

Poems by Lucy Hughes

A few steps through the doors
There should be nothing to fear
Gonna be myself
Right now, Right Here

Bullies won’t get me down
I’m gonna keep my head held high
And my music on loud
I am just me and for that I am proud.

The few people I have met
Are life long friends to keep

The crowd of people passing by
They’ll never know the reasons why
I’m so anxious and worried at times
But that’s okay I’ll keep that in my mind
The choices and mistakes I’ve made
Made me the person who I am today.

By Lucy Hughes

Angel of Darkness

Waiting in the darkness
Hoping to find the ray of light
From a distance
Praying to a god
She’s not sure exists
Wishing for someone to save her
To save her from her fears
To save her from drowning in her tears 
Standing on the edge
Wanting to be pushed
Daring herself to jump
Needing the pain to stop
It would ease the heartache
Thinking how long it would take
To convince herself this was right 
Being herself didn’t seem good enough
The years of being a victim
Was about to come to an end
One step forward and a big deep breath 
That moment she never forgets
When she watches her children as they sleep
She closes her eyes and shakes her head
All the worries and regrets
Now she's the stronger person instead
 By Lucy Hughes

Pre-production techniques at Hereward College by Tom Kirby

In this post, Tom Kirby, a student- blog writer at Hereward College will talk about the work he is doing on his course:

"This week we are discussing Pre – Production techniques for a Chase scene. We have created Mood boards, which give us a basic idea about the 3 concepts we have come up for the project, along with images and fonts. It will soon become which of the 3 concepts stands out and that one is going to be planned out into the final idea.

After the final idea is laid out on paper, production work can begin, and we will work with camera equipment, props, and actors to bring the final idea off the paper and into camera footage. Once the footage is filmed we will have to edit out the mistakes, add text and graphics, and then we’ll play it back and see the filmed Chase scene from start to finish.

My ideas were very different, from each other because I had decided to make each idea unique and different from the other. My first idea was labelled down as a bank robbery, and in effect, that’s exactly what it was, my idea involved 2 actors, one was a criminal and the other a police officer. With the props available, hopefully the characters will be easy to identify.

 My next idea was based more on humour. I wanted to create something funny so I decided to go for the comedy effect, with the classical banana prank. The idea was that a dude, who was actually called ‘Dude’, was sitting down reading his paper, and a guy, who was obviously called ‘Guy’, is eating a banana. Guy finishes the banana and throws the banana skin at the feet of Dude, who is still reading the newspaper.
Dude gets up, finishing his newspaper, and slips on the skin, and falls down on his back. Guy towers above him and starts laughing at him. Now that’s comedy.
I will post the movies on this blog once they are complete so stay put!"

Monday, 10 October 2011

Interview with Jamie Hamilton, youth worker at Hereward College

Today, Kyle Wilson, a member of a Media Production Company from Hereward College interviewed Jamie Hamilton, a youth worker who supervises over the SU (Student Union) at Hereward Colege.

The Student Union is a council, formed by students, which represents students’ concerns and holds meetings to discuss how it can help students with any issues and improve the experience at Hereward College. They also have a role in organizing events targeted at students from Hereward College.

The SU has a big input around the college as they regularly have meetings with the principal and viceprincipal to talk about the students’ issues and concerns. 

Kyle Wilson interviews several students from Hereward College

Last week, Kyle Willson , who is part of a media production team  from Hereward College interviewed four students from Level 3 Media. In these interviews, Corey Scott, James Parkin, Annelie Coyne and Frankie Pittaway review their courses and talk about their College experience at Hereward.
Our interviewees said that they enjoy studying at Hereward because they receive much more help than at other colleges, they receive training on software, which they will have to use in their area of expertise and they enjoy the practical experience because it unleashes they creativity.
All the students said that Hereward College is different as it improves their chances to get their dream job and because of that, our students’ aspirations are very high once they finish college.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Next talks to students from Hereward College

Lilli, an employee from Next at Central Six Retail Park, was invited to Hereward College yesterday to talk to students about the working life in retail and customer service. She is working full time on the shop floor, on the till, advising customer assisting in the fitting rooms etc.

The employee explained to the students that working in retail requires good organizational skills and time management, while customer service requires good communication and interpersonal skills.

Lilli also talked about what customer service training she had to do and all the additional training she had over a three-month period.

Students were eager to find out as much information as possible about Lilly’s job role and asked many questions about retail and customer service. They were especially interested about the Next apprenticeships, which could be a great opportunity for Hereward College students. 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Hereward College and copyright

Edward Atkins, a field officer from the CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency) was invited to Hereward College to do a presentation on Copyright for Level 3 business students.

Edward explained that CLA licenses enable information users to copy and share information efficiently across organisations while minimising the risk of copyright infringement. The licenses have been developed specifically to meet the needs of information users in the digital age.
CLA licenses for education provide institutions with the comprehensive coverage and rights that staff and students need in order to use and share published information without the fear and cost of infringing copyright.

Edward also told the students that the College’s License allows them to photocopy 5% of a book. When photocopying, students have to write down what they are copying and put the information into ‘yellow bins’ to ensure that authors are getting the money for the work that college stakeholders photocopy.
The students were happy to understand how copywriting works and were eager to find out more from Edward.