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Friday, 30 September 2011

Interview with Chris Badger on Physiotherapy

Here is an audio clip of Hereward College student Chris Badger. In this clip we hear how important his Physio routine is at Hereward College. Physio helps Chris to increase his mobility, improve his general posture and get more comfortable in his wheelchair.
Aditionally, Chris talks about how the Physio sessions have a fun and enjoyable atmosphere at the College even though Physiotherapy can be painful from time to time.
Click the link to hear how Hereward College has changed Chris’ life!

Tom Kirby's experience at Hereward College

Tom Kirby is a student at Hereward College who is going to be featured in our official blog. In this article, he gives us a glimpse of his experience at Hereward College and what he has studied on his course:
My name is Tom Kirby and I am currently working at BTEC level 2 in Media. My memories of year 1 have been mostly positives. I settled down into college very quickly, made a few good friends, and produced some good and challenging work. Throughout the first few weeks, we were introduced to the Production side of the Industry, as we learnt all about the Cameras, and how to set up the lights in the filming process, including how to work a very effective looking green – scream.
From there we had 6 weeks to learn about Editing by using a creative and testing piece of media software called Final Cut Pro, which was extremely complex and even annoying at the beginning. However, after 3 weeks of stress, I realized that there was a simple solution to understanding it, and by carrying it out the software started to make a lot of sense.

In the last couple of weeks, I started Level 2 of my course, but with a week or so of Pre –Production behind me, I have come to realise that Level 2 is defiantly more demanding than level 1. Nevertheless, just like Final Cut Pro, with a simple explanation and a steady work plan I’m sure this year will be as good as my first year.