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Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Ghost in the Water by Frankie Pittaway

I am a ghost.
Shrouded by water,
And invisible to the naked eye.
I swim through the lakes with my many aqua friends.
I swim and I swim and I see with my crystal eyes.
Cold, empty but yet full of empathy.
I am a ghost through the water.
The dark, empty soul, which surrounds the mists of a dead time,
That was lost in the cosmos.
My soul is dead.
My heart no longer beating.
The friends I spoke of before are now lost.
It appears I have contradicted myself.
But yet it is only thing, which enlightens me.
False accusations.
I am the ghost in water,
Indeed I am the ghost in the water you stranger you do not need to tell me.
The soul lost to time,
And forever trapped in the darkness.
Misread signs,
And distorted minds.
I am forever in the dark,
Lost to time itself.
I prowl through the wind,
Like a wraith in the dark.
Cold and hollow,
And damaged inside.
Yes I am the ghost in the water.
The soul lost to time,
Forever in the dark.
And lost to time itself.
The lakes are flowing,
With me inside its waters.
Indeed I am the ghost in the water.
The soul lost to the time.
The prowler through the wind.
The wraith in the dark.
I am the ghost in the water,
And that is a beautiful thing to be.

Frankie Pittaway
Written in the back of a car.

Emotions are far too completed by Danielle Lyons

I scream so loud,
But to them it’s just a whisper.
An outcast from the crowd,
I’m a fly stuck on a window about to be washed off be a car wiper.

Jumping of the walls,
While I’m manic.
They’re no such things as a hurtful falls,
Life is just a sweet picnic.

I’m always too far up,
Hardly ever down.
I’m being to buildup,
I feel invisible never to fall down.

Now I’m crying in my bedroom,
Hoping I’ll be consumed.

By Danielle Lyons

A short History on the life of Henry VIII by Tom Kirby

1491:  Born to Henry VII and Elizabeth of York at Greenwich Palace

1501: Older Brother, Prince Arthur Dies of illness, Henry is now the Prince of Wales
Elizabeth of York also Dies.

1509: Henry VII dies, at the age of 18, Prince Henry becomes King Henry VIII. Marries Katherine of Aragon (Widow of the deceased Prince Arthur)

1515: Princess Mary is born.

1533: Seduced by Anne Boleyn, Henry Divorces Katherine of Aragon, after 20 years of marriage.
Henry breaks from the Roman Chatolic Church
Henry creates the Church of England
Princess Elizabeth is born.

1536: Katherine of Aragon dies.
Anne Boleyn is executed for treason
Henry Marries Jane Seymour.

1537: Prince Edward is born
Jane Seymour dies in birth.

1540: Henry, after 3 years of mourning, tries marriage again, this time to Anne of Cleves.
Anne wasn’t a beauty, and 5 months into the marriage Henry ordered a Divorce.
Henry then Marries Catherine Howard.

1541: Barely a year had passed, and Henry discovered that Catherine had been unfaithful to him, with a string of boyfriends, which started before their marriage.
Catherine was trialed, and sentenced to death by execution.

1543: 6th time lucky?
Henry marries Catherine Parr.

1547: Henry VIII Dies, after an iron fist rule of 37 years upon the English throne.

All 3 of his young children would become Monarchs.

He was succeeded, by his 9 year old son, Edward VI (1547 – 53) then came,
Bloody Mary I (1553 – 58) before his youngest and most famous child.
Elizabeth I (1558 – 1603) 
Elizabeth never married, so was called the Virgin Queen, after 45 years of rule, she died childless in 1603.

Thus ends the era of the Tudors, began in 1485, by Henry VII (Duke of Richmond) and ended with Elizabeth I.

The Stuarts, were the next family to rule Britain.

But that’s another chapter.