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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Student Union Newsletter

 Hi guys!

First we’d like to wish everyone at Hereward a happy new year! This is the SU’s second newsletter to let you know what’s going on around college and how you can get involved.

We’d like to start off by saying thankyou to everyone who has filled in a sports questionnaire. If you haven’t done one yet and you’d like to fill one in please see Matt Jarvis. After listening to student’s views, we have taken the issues of visiting times and the smoking area head-on and have written a letter to Jon Clugston to try and make things clearer. This letter will soon be on the intranet for students to read.
We are currently running a petition for students to sign. We want to get rid of the abandoned toilet in the rec centre so we can make room for a DJ booth right next to the bar! If you support this, please see Dan Alcock-Stevens or Brendan Chivasa and sign the petition.

We would like to remind everyone that NUS cards are still on sale. They are £11, exclusive to students, and get you discounts at all sorts of shops. They will be on sale throughout the year so please come and find any member of the SU if you are interested!                                                          


Thursday, 19 January 2012

Feeling Lucky? - The Hereward College 100 group

As part of our  BTEC L3 project in Business we are going to run a 100 Club. This project will replace the Hereward Lottery from last year, and will continue to support the Friends of Hereward charity. The 100 Club’s first draw is at the end of January but we still need more members. The club is open to all staff, students and parents at the college.

To join, please contact Emma Seaman or Craig Mawby ( You need to pick a number from 1-100. It costs £10 to join for the whole academic year, which needs to be given in to either Emma, Craig or the BSC. There will be 10 prize draws, one each month plus special double draws at Easter and at the end of the year. Winners of each draw will be contacted and need to go down to the BSC to collect their prize.

There will be 3 guaranteed winners! The prizes are:

For more information please email Emma at

Thank you!!

Monday, 16 January 2012

A bit of history -Richard III - by Tom Kirby

This week, one of our student bloggers has decided to write an article about Richard III of Britain.

Richard III was born in October in 1452 in Northamptonshire his father was Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York and his mother was Cecily Neville. Richard had a claim to the Throne through both parents.

His father’s battles with Henry VI, was a major cause of the Wars of the Roses, which dominated Richards Early life. His father and elder brother were both killed in the battle of Wakefield in 1460.

In 1461 Richard’s Elder brother Edward, was crowned king Edward IV. Edward made Richard Duke of Gloucester.
In 1470 Edward IV and Richard were exiled when Henry VI was restored to the throne. The following year they returned and Richard contributed to 2 major battle victories which restored Edward to his throne as Edward IV

When Edward IV died in 1483, Richard was named Protector of the 12 year old Edward V and his younger brother Richard. He greeted the new King by sending him to the tower, his younger brother joined him a few months later.

A public row occurred suggesting that Edward IV wasn’t married to Elizabeth Woodville so their children were illegitimate. On the 25th June Richard began his Reign as Richard III. He was crowned in June; the Princes were last scene in August.Richard was accused of murdering the Princes by the Duke of Buckingham who was executed.

In August 1485 Henry Tudor, Duke of Richmond mounted a attack against Richard III at Bosworth Field.Richard III was the last King to die in battle. As well as the last King of the Yolkiest Family.

Henry Tudor Succeeded him as Henry VII.