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Monday, 6 February 2012

Raman Bal - Likes and Dislikes

The funnies thing I have done at home I rolled of the edge of the bed and then I hurt myself.

My favourite song is club is Alive by Jls. I love Aston from jls because he a very good-looking guy.

My favourite colour is blue and my favourite TV programme is Take me out!

I have two brothers and their names are Manny and Sunny.

The things that I hate are staying at home all the time as I love to go out of the house more.

The colour that I really hate is black because it reminds me of olives.

I have no pets at home so the pets I would love to have are a cat or a rabbit.

My favourite wrestlers are John Cena and Randy Orton/Cody Redoes/Alex rile/The Miz/The Rock.

I love Aston because he has the fittest body in the whole wide world!!!

My name is Lisa-Marie Emery

At college I’m doing sports entry 3 and I enjoy doing the sports and my favourite sports are basketball and hockey. I play in goal or any were in the sport hall. In February my tutor is Mark Harding who is a great sport teacher. My colleagues are organising a five-a-side football tournament for four to six school for 7th February as part of our cause.

I love spending time with my friends especially two of my best friends Raman and Sheridan. My two best friends Raman and Sheridan are funny, kind and helping me out. I Love winding my friends up and make them laugh. On every Saturday I love going horse riding. I love listening to music like Eric Saade, Justin Bieber and Mcfly and my biggest fan is Darren Hayes. I’ve been to their concerts.

I love playing with my 13-month-old dog. My dog is a Springer spannal cross Border collie. My favourite colour is yellow and I love being a tomboy. My star sign is pieces. My favourite TV show is dr. Who and my favourite film is Twilight and Pirates of the Caribbean. My favourite musical film the Phantom of the Opera. My favourite actors are Johnny Depp and Leondio DiCaprio. In the future I hope to work with horses and helping people to ride. I don’t like doing football much because I’m getting bored of it. My favourite foods are pizza, bananas, chips and pasta.   

Ben Kirkaly - Life

My name is Ben Kircali. I am a first year student at Hereward College doing an Arts Cours!

At home, I own a quad bike. It is a self made quad bike not sure how much its worth. It has a 200 cc diesel engine and the top speed is 180-190 mph it has a hard suspension ratio and good handling.

I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters and my star sign is Sagittarius.

I like tv programs such as CSI and NCIS and I am able to solve some of the cases before they do just by watching and concentrating.

Red is my favorite colour because I’m a Manchester United fan.
I hate Rooney because he’s a good player on the pitch but he’s acting inappropriate off the pitch.