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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hereward College organises customer service trip to Tesco

As part of their NVQ Customer Service course, students from Hereward College often have to visit business organisations in order to gain experience and perspective about what their jobs will consist of once they finish college and enter employment.

Joanne Manser, a teacher at Hereward College and organiser of customer service events, agrees that students need a link between what they are studying within their course and what will be their first job. As training is becoming more and more important and as students are expected by employers to have work experience before getting paid jobs, the need for work experience trips and voluntary work is also becoming much more important.

While on the trip, the group looked around different departments including customer service, the warehouse, on-line shopping, the reycyling area and the delivery area. Tesco employees presented all the departments and explained to students the tasks that are involved within several jobs which are related to customer service.

The students felt the trip gave them a reality check on how busy customer service really is and that the keys for coping with the high expectations are outstanding organisational skills and interpersonal skills. They understood that good quality and consistent customer service will lead to happy customers and happy customers will lead to a relaxed atmosphere and will give them a sense of fulfilment.

Clint, a customer service student at Hereward College, wanted to underline the importance of teamwork: ‘If all the staff work together as a team, the results will be much better and jobs will actually be easier!’

To top it all off, the students received a surprise from the Tesco Store. As the Coca Cola lorry was just unloading some cargo, the students were treated to free Coke!

Kerry, another student, wanted to conclude the trip with the following: ‘It was a great day! We learned a lot and had a lot of fun! The free Coke was the cherry on top!'

Hereward College offers customer service course as part of the Business and ICT curiculum. If you would like to find out more about Customer Service Courses at Hereward College click here or contact admissions:, 02476 426173

Ikea Rep visits Hereward College

This week Jess, an IKEA employee, visited Hereward College in order to discuss Customer Services opportunities at Ikea with NVQ Customer Services.

Jess talked about the training she received at IKEA as she has worked in several departments over the years, including customer services. Jess stated that customer service is one of the most important aspects of a business, because even if you have the best products or services, without good customer service skills, your business may still fail. Maintaining and attracting customers is the main objective of customer service.

As students were eager to find out more about what they would have to do in order to secure a customer service job at IKEA once they finish their studies, Jess decided to talk about her personal experience when she got hired.

A major factor is represented by understanding and respecting the company ethos which is to offer the best value for money and focus on customer satisfaction rather than profit. Strong knowledge about the company products is also important when answering customer queries.

Another important factor is represented by having strong interview skills. Communication skills, interpersonal skills and portraying a warm friendly image to the customer are the most important skills IKEA recruiters look for when recruiting customer service staff and Jess noticed that these skills can be easily demonstrated through the interview process.

Jess also talked about employee benefits like 15% discounts and all products and staff Christmas Presents.

Have a look at our Business Courses to find out more  about Customer Services Courses at Hereward College.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Peer Support Team: New Logo Design

Having used our existing logo for quite some time, we think it’s about time we create a new, better one – right? This is where you come in…

We are looking for likeminded, artistic students to create a new logo for the Peer Support Team!!

You may have a dab hand at art or you may have never designed a logo in your life… either way, no matter your skills or experience we still want you to come along, give it your all and come up with a killer new logo!

The student with the best design will have his or her logo displayed on the t-shirt and marketing materials of the Peer Support Team as of September 2012.

In addition we will award the winner with £30 voucher for either iTunes or HMV (your choice).

All students are welcome to enter. Experienced or not experienced!

Please include a description how that logo symbolises the pride, passion and commitment of the Peer Support Team.

·         There are no size, colour or design creation restriction. You can design it on pen and paper, or on graphic programs (e.g. adobe InDesign)  
·         Make sure you add a brief description of how your logo symbolises the Peer Support Team commitment and passion.
·         The closing date for the contest is Thursday 5th April at 4:30pm. Any entries after this time will not be counted.
·        Entry forms can be found on intranet or available from the mentor’s and youth worker’s office
·        Entry as many logos ideas as you wish, but don’t forget to use one entry form for each logo!

Please download our form here. Once completed please send to or hand it in to Peer Support coordinators: Linda Allden-West (counselor), Rachel Brindley (Youth worker’s office - portacabin) or Cyntia G Laycy & Dayna Donnelly (mentor’s office).

Hereward College for Healthy Living and No Smoking!

The NVQ Business Admin students taught by Joanne Manser at Hereward College are trying to gain a Healthy Living Award and part of that includes encouraging staff and students to:

  • Eat their 5 a day 
  • Exercise more 
  • Encourage those who want to, to give up smoking!

To give up smoking Hereward are working with George Elliot Hospital and run a smoking cessation clinic in the college every Wednesday morning. 

Last Wednesday we organised the 'No Smoking Day Challenge' where the Big Cig came to the College to promote giving up smoking with NVQ Business Admin and Customer Service students.  The students helped the Cig to hand out leaflets and explain that the college is giving anyone who gives smoking up £20 worth of iTunes vouchers.

The event had a great success with many students and staff members promising they will try to stop smoking and join the Smoking Cessation!

If you would like to join the Smoking Cessation or get more information about Healthy Living, please contact Joanne Manser, teacher at Hereward College, on

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Letter from the Student's Union

Dear Student,

This year we are really excited to be raising money for Sport Relief 2012! As one of the UK’s
biggest fundraising events, Sport Relief brings the entire nation together to get active, raise
cash and change lives.

As the nation celebrates the biggest ever year of sport, Sport Relief 2012 will be kicking off
in schools on Friday 23rd March.Hereward College has decided to get involved and help raise money for this incredible
To do our bit and raise money we will be having:
- A Penalty Shoot-out at 12.30pm in the Sports Hall (50p for 5 goes!!)
- A Wheelchair football tournament at 1.30pm – 2.30pm in the Sports Hall or
outside dependant on the weather (Please Sign up)
- Smoothie Drink sale at 2.30pm in the Rec Centre/Bar
- 1 mile walk around college at 3.00pm – 4.00pm (Please Sign up)
- Disco & Karaoke in the Reflectory from 7.00pm (20p to enter!)
On Friday the 23rd March
The best bit is all the money you raise helps people living incredibly tough lives, both at home in the
UK and across the world's poorest countries. To find out more about Sport Relief visit

If you want to know more info come and speak to STUDENT UNION / YOUTH WORKERS
We would really appreciate your support!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Social media for Career Development

Ever wondered how Social Media channels can help you develop your career? Have a look at this presentation to understand what you have to do in order to be a step ahead of prospective employees you are competing with.

Click here to download the presentation.