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Thursday, 26 July 2012

BTEC L3 Vocational Diploma - Our busy year in business


 “The tombola was good because it entertained people during break. We did it to raise money for celebrating the end of the college year.” Laura W & Ruth

RAF Cosford

We raised money for the trip by doing a cake sale – wearing our pyjamas! “I liked this trip because it gave other people an opportunity to go on a plane” (Laura B)
It had good access and was wheelchair friendly. There were rides such as an aeroplane simulator – it was great fun.  
 “I really liked the tour guides they were very kind” (Tor)

Weston Super Mare

“It was nice to be by a horse” Lewis
We went to Weston Super Mare on Monday 18th June and really enjoyed it when we walked on the beach and saw donkeys and the horses. We walked on the grand pier and ate sausage and chips, followed by ice cream. “Even the sun shined for us” (Jamie).
We also went and had a great time at the Sea life Centre. We saw stingrays, different types of fish and sharks. “I’d never been to the sea before, shame it was such a long way away Ha Ha” (Azeem)

“RAF Cosford was a really interesting place to visit
 and the gift shop was amazing” Sarah
Pyjama Day Cake Sale

On 21st November we had a pyjama day cake sale to raise money for a day trip to RAF Cosford. We had fun doing the cake sale and we had a fantastic day out with the lovely Julie Norman. We had a great experience and we would like to go RAF Cosford again. 
“RAF Cosford was a really great place to explore. We loved it” Hayley

Fairtrade Brunch

We did Fairtrade on the 27th of May which was the Friday.
I enjoyed pricing the Fairtrade goods up” [Katy]. “I enjoyed working on the till and getting involved with the Fairtrade” [Charley Watts].

Everyone was involved and had an awesome time!