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Darren Nicol - About me

My name is Darren and I am 21 years old.
I come from the great city of London. I am a very friendly, very out spoken, good listener, very loyal and love to be of help to others when I can, I like to be able to motivate others to achieve their dreams and goals.
 I am currently studying performing arts level 3 at Hereward College in Coventry.
 I really enjoy the subject because of the different skills I gain in the areas of dance and drama, I also am able to learn from others and improve on my own skills.
I always want to do my best in everyday I do and be able to teach the skills I gain to others.
I have studied at Hereward College for 5 years. The qualifications I have gained in my time here are a retail qualification, IT skills, BTEC level 2 in performing arts and also I have gained more confidence in the area of communication. I have also learnt various independent skills through living in a shared environment within the college that I have found useful to live a more independent life.

What I hope to achieve       

On leaving Hereward College I hope to go to university and continue my studies in performing arts, and also do a course in philosophy and the theories of the emotions behind body language.
My long-term goal is to carry out performance, but also to teach performing arts to others.
I also would like to write poems, or my own theater productions.
Finally I also always want to keep pushing myself to be the best at what I do.