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Frankie Pittaway - Me, myself and my personality

My name is Frankie Pittaway; I am 18 years old and am currently studying for the second and final year of my level 3 media work.

Whereas I find the coursework challenging, I can find it immensely rewarding because I can gain a lot of knowledge from it, the work I have done, which has been the most rewarding of all was a unit called “Developing a Small Business”. Despite the workload being incredibly high, I have come out of it thinking I could go on to start a business; I even have the business plan on my bookshelf! Also, the software which I use for film and video editing (Final Cut Pro) has been a challenging yet memorable experience to learn. I feel like I’ve come from the course with a very wide technical knowledge, which is developing every day! 

As for my interests and hobbies I am a person who has a lot of creativity, so therefore I write my own stories and poetry and I love reading books and going places to gain inspiration for my books. I intend to get my books published in the next few years as I have a deep passion for writing and I would absolutely love to make a career out of it. 
Besides writing, I absolutely love vintage clothing and am a bit of a clothing queen and I would love to own my own business enterprise selling vintage/handmade clothing and accessories.
 And what do I think represents me? I think the picture on the right and what I’ve said above puts it into perspective!