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Mike Jenner-Jones



Yeah, sorry about this image, but it was the best one I could find to date.

Name’s Mike Jenner-Jones, and I am a promising college student here at Hereward College, but sometimes a rebel with a heart of gold.

Whenever I am given a task, I face it with extreme stoicism as well as surefire determination. Sometimes, I can get a little cocky, high and mighty and be a bit wild at times, but I am generally a calm student…well, a fairly calm one.

Rough around the edges, maybe, but I shine like a diamond. Oh, and I was born with Autistic Spectral Disorder, and no, I’m not making it up…seriously. It’s not like I’m academically challenged (which I truly am not, thank you) or anything, because I don’t take kindly to that sort of untrue rumors.

Anyway, I currently live with my parents, and my brothers both have jobs, so that makes us a working class family. Me, I’m still a least for now until I get a job, the job in media and entertainment I want and deserve, ever since I was a child. The main reason, for me, is basically to succeed in life, something I’m sure many of us all have in life, whatever reality we make it. Sometimes, there comes a time when you’ve just got to believe in yourself and take risks no matter what, or whatever one another says.

I may be a loner (hence my self-conversations with myself, and no, I do not belong in a mental hospital, thank you), but at least I make a few friends, so that does count. Now, as for girlfriends, I’ve had a few, but none have worked out entirely (not that I suck at relationships, but because I try so much – too much without realizing it – I really do try, but to no avail).

I am allergic to penicillin, which is my weakness, as Superman is with kryptonite. Back when I was a child, I was first administered to it by the doctor…and all I can say is big mistake, as I was covered all over in spots; and thus, my allergy to penicillin was since official.

In school, all I can say it was worth it for me. When somebody tells you to wear the uniform, don’t let the head teachers know exactly how you really feel. Take my advice, and shut up and wear the uniform, if you know what’s good for you. Oh, and every time I got bullied, I actually had trouble remembering names of the people in school who tormented me. That was before they understood about my disability back then, yet Round Oak School didn’t really know about my autism until recently when they first enrolled me. To this day, I still look back on my Round Oak years and re-imagine all the downsides and pitfalls I experienced excruciatingly. All in all, I managed to have a good time in school. Ah well, that’s life…to say the least.

Now, when I experience hobbies, they include railway modeling, classic films, musicals and cartoons from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, reading, interweb surfing and westerns. That’s my hobbies out of the way; now for the music I like; country, jazz, blues, 50s rock, classical and 80s pop (mainly synth music – I remember synth music from my childhood). Okay, so you want to hear about my choice of sports? Well, there’s horseback riding, gymnasium workouts, long walks and swimming.

And that’s my basic profile about my good self, as told in my own words, hopefully. Normally, they should all sound formal, but…well, you know the rest.